Holiday Bliss ~ Day 20

Today I wanted to share about our homeschool group’s "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" party. It was last Friday afternoon. D, J and I went..albeit a little late. We missed the short nativity play that was done by several of the younger kids. But, we arrived in time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and partake of [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 12

What holiday season with little ones would be complete without a visit to Santa? While we did NOT get up to North Pole to see Santa, we did see one of his ‘helpers’ at a small party this past week.   The older boys only went over so they could have some cookies.  J’s wasn’t too [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 9

Today is another busy day out of the home, so this post will be quick. On Monday, I went to a homeschool support group meeting on base.  We had a guest speaker come talk about finding our focus for the holidays and trying to keep the stress level down.  There’s a TON I can share [Read On]

Little Star, a review

With the holidays upon us, I am pulling out all the books, movies and music that make it all special.   We’ve already had instrumental Christmas music playing during school and will most likely begin watching favorite holiday shows we own on DVD or tape. Now we have a new book that provides a different take [Read On]

Race a Camel for Christmas Season Fun

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shared about a few printable products from Python Printable Products.  This next one we were sent to review is titled Camel Race Bible Trivia Questions Game.  I am hopeful that this will provide entertainment for the boys while reinforcing learning of the Bible.  (Homeschoolers, can you just see something [Read On]

Trying a New Christmas Tradition ~ Oplatki!

Okay, I’ll admit it…… Last year’s Christmas was more lame than usual. Of course, having movers arrive just 2 days after Christmas to pack us out probably contributed to the lameness.  So, this year I’m already thinking about ways to make THIS Christmas a bit more special and keep the focus on Christ. I’d seen [Read On]

Cub Scout Pack 444 Christmas Party

This past Thursday night, the Cub Scout Pack had their Christmas party/ Pack meeting. Between all the activities (cookie making, picture frame construction, caroling, and word search) and the skits, the meeting went for almost 2 hours. It was bittersweet for us as it is the last time we’ll be with the Pack. Webelos 1 [Read On]

Fun at a District Wide Tiger Cub Christmas Party

Last Friday night, the older boys and I had some much needed time out of the house. After leaving a well fed Little J in his dad’s care, we headed to a Christmas party for all the Tiger Cubs and their families for the entire Cecil District. I honestly think P and R came along [Read On]

Christmas at our house

This year the boys had an exercise in patience. Since mom was singing in the choir at midnight Mass this year and got home after 2 a.m., the boys were given strict orders that only stockings could be dug into before 9 a.m. Thankfully, Stephen was up and kept them from waking me before then. [Read On]

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Okay, I have a confession to make. We have not been truly feeling the Christmas Spirit in our house. I love this time of year, but when things get quite busy it is easy to feel disconnected. Plus, I know that the way the economy is going and all the uncertainty of impending changes leave [Read On]

TOS Crew Review – One 2 Believe Nativity Set

Around our house, the arrival of package can be a big event. The boys start speculating on what wonders might be inside the box. Then the begging to open it up begins. Sometimes they are rewarded with something they can enjoy. But, other times the box in question holds a part for the car or [Read On]

In the mood for baking….

Now that the weather is cooling down, I am getting in the mood to bake. With a bake sale for Cub Scouts next weekend, I suspect we will try our hand at several items. Plus, holiday baking is practically upon us and the boys are clamouring to make different treats before Christmas. One of the [Read On]

HOAC Super Membership Sale and Joyous Home’s 12 Days of Holiday Homemaking

One item to share is that Hands of a Child is having a sale on Super Memberships. Normally priced at $60 for one year, they are 30# off through November 10th. If you want to know more about the benefits, then drop me a line. This is one subscription where I feel that I receive [Read On]

Let’s Make a Memory Virtual Seminar this weekend

In my inbox the other day was a reminder about Cindy Rushton’s upcoming seminar this weekend. I love the topic – Let’s Make a Memory. Some days, I feel like all the to do lists take over and the idea of making memories with the kids goes by the wayside. So, with the upcoming holiday [Read On]

Afternoon of play followed by visit to Holy Spirit

Last Wednesday, the boys and I went to Banning Park for a homeschool park day. Here’s D on the ‘obstacle course’…. Only one other family came and we stayed for just about 45 minutes before heading over to Holy Spirit Parish in New Castle. The Caterina Benincasa Dominican Monastery was hosting an open house for [Read On]

Lapbooking at our house

Lapbooking is something new for our homeschool journey. Since scrapbooking always held such appeal for me, it is no great surprise that lapbooking would hold such appeal. R and D tested the waters with me by completing Live and Learn Press’s free lapbook – All About Me. They had great fun completing the booklets and [Read On]