7 Quick Takes ~ Dec. 23rd edition


  Christmas is almost upon us and I can’t get over how fast it snuck up on me.   — 1 — My photo cards from Tiny Print arrived here safe and sound.  I hope to have them all in the mail by Saturday so people will have them in hand by New Year’s Eve.  [Read On]

Music to Finish the Season of Advent


We are in the final days of Advent.  And, there is a song many of us know well that fits with these last days before Christmas. O Come, O Come Emmanuel is also known as O Antiphons.  I used to enjoy singing this as soon as Advent began. But in more recent years, I have [Read On]

Pizzelles, a Christmas cookie of choice in our house


A few years ago, my mother gave us a pizzelle maker. It looks a LOT like a sandwich maker, only the ‘output’ from this maker are wonderful pizzelle cookies.   It actually sat in the box (which collected dust) for the first few years.  But, then, we broke it out and have never looked back! [Read On]

Decorative Christmas Trees to Make |Pin it Tuesday (Pinterest)


With Christmas less than a week away, there’s a time crunch happening.  The boys and I are trying to add some Christmas spirit to the house.  Soon our Christmas Tree will be fully decked like last year’s shown below. While the big Christmas tree is a staple, it is nice to have a smaller version [Read On]

Movie Viewing that Captures the Christmas Spirit


With Christmas only a week away, I thought I would feature two films that really epitomize the Christmas spirit to me.  I have a few others I’d love to share and just might do that as part of the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme.   It’s a Wonderful Life This is a perennial favorite [Read On]

40 Days of Seeking Him ~ Advent 2011 ~ Week Four


Can you believe that Christmas is only ONE week away?   I feel like I have failed on some fronts when I realized that my Christmas gift shopping for some relatives is undone (and will be done by Monday afternoon so they might arrive in time!)  My Christmas cards will be holiday ones arriving sometime [Read On]

Christ Centered Christmas


When I talk with friends, one common theme many of us bring up is the desire to make sure Christ is at the center of our Christmas celebrations.  It might seem obvious that he should be our focus as we wouldn’t even be celebrating Christmas if he’d never been born.  But, it is so easy [Read On]

Neat Stockings You Can Make|Pin it Tuesday (Pinterest)


The boys have each received a stocking lovingly knitted by their Grandma Jackie.      But, I still love to see all that you can create.   Enjoy these stockings with instructions that I found around the web.  There are more pinned on my Christmas Decorations board on Pinterest, too.   Source: marthastewart.com via Laura [Read On]

Holiday Inn and White Christmas


As someone who enjoys a wide variety of music, it should be of no real surprise that I enjoy many musicals.  Pair in my love of holiday films and there’s no question that I’d love to watch Holiday Inn and White Christmas.   Holiday Inn has been a favorite of mine for years.  I love [Read On]

Humbug, a Christmas Carol


We love to read and Christmas stories are a favorite in our house.   Today I wanted to share about a new one titled Humbug, A Christmas Carol by Lee Baker.   Synopsis: Winterton is a frozen town with frozen hearts and frozen people. A magical humbug that attracts the magical reindeer of Santa is [Read On]

Remembering Saint Nicholas Today


Today is the Feast day for Saint Nicholas and in different parts of the world children are celebrating.  Our family did not have this as a special day when either Mr. O or I were growing up and we haven’t instituted it in our household either.  Although, there was one year P asked if he’d [Read On]

Saint Nicholas Around the World


When preparing a post about remembering Saint Nicholas, I thought it might be fun to do a post with Pinterest pins of Saint Nicholas around the world. By no means is this inclusive, just some of the many images I found and love.     Source: stnicholascenter.org via Laura on Pinterest     Source: stnicholascenter.org [Read On]

Peanuts Holiday Collection on Blu Ray


When you think about the different holiday shows you watched as a child, which ones jump to mind the quickest?  If you are like me, one of the very first ones thought about would be Charlie Brown.   You can now get the entire Peanuts Holiday Collection on Blu-ray for your viewing enjoyment at the [Read On]

Holiday Movie Fix Time!


In case someone missed me mentioning it in the past, I am a ‘sucker’ for holiday movies.  They just seem to call my name and a few tug at my heart.   I thought I’d share some of my favorites each week after checking out the schedules for the cable stations that air most of [Read On]

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland on DVD


December has finally arrived and our house is embracing the tradition of watching holiday shows.  One that we just watched the other day (for the first time in a long time) is Frosty’s Winter Wonderland.   This classic Rankin/Bass animated show is remastered and it shows even on DVD.    Synopsis: Frosty returns with the [Read On]

Oplatki for Christmastime


Did you know that Bethlehem means "House of Bread?"      With origins in Poland, Oplatki are simple, white wafers with a Christmas scene (e.g. the Nativity) embossed onto them. Before dinner on Christmas Eve, families gather around the table and share blessings for each other and ask for forgiveness while breaking off a small [Read On]

Advent Calendars


One of the traditions for many families is that of the Advent Calendar.  In many ways, though, I’d say they are a way to countdown the first 24 days of December as Advent can start anywhere from November 27th through December 3rd.   I took a little ‘spin’ around Pinterest and found several interesting Advent [Read On]

FFH’s One Silent Night album


I have to start off this post with the admission that I am a Christmas music lover.  Yes, there are some that are not so enjoyable.  But, I have found there’s way more great Christmas music out there to enjoy than I have hours in the day.   So, having the chance to check out [Read On]

Santa’s Magical Stories on DVD


I adore Christmas shows and some of my favorites from childhood were the ones make by the team of Rankin/Bass.   Santa’s Magical Stories is a collection of holiday favorites from Warner Home Video and includes many of the Rankin & Bass classics and a few lesser known selections.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas on Blu-Ray


We’re getting into the mood for the holidays a little early by reviewing some Christmas themed shows in our house. One of the shows I remember enjoying as a young child is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Warner Home Video has just released it on Blu-Ray with time to get a copy before the holidays [Read On]

Little Shepherd, review and author Q&A


Even when we had no little ones in the house, I’ve enjoyed a good children’s book here and there.  Sometimes a story can be more compelling when written so a child can understand and illustrated to help reinforce the story being told.    Little Shepherd is the latest children’s picture book that we’ve had the [Read On]

Tiny Prints for Christmas or Holiday Cards


October is plodding along and it will soon be time to order up any custom Christmas cards I want to have on hand for mailing. Thankfully, there are places like Tiny Prints that offer affordable options to create your own personalized cards using photos from your collection.   I paid their website a visit the [Read On]

Santa Claus House at North Pole, Alaska!


After our brief visit to Denali National Park, we went up to Fairbanks to visit my mom’s cousin.  She hadn’t seen him in years and I’m not sure if I’d met him before then.  We ‘camped’ out at his house in the woods in a community outside of Fairbanks.  But, we also did a few [Read On]

Planning for the Holidays


With October already well underway, it is definitely time to start planning for the holidays.  Seriously, I find that I’ll blink and be staring down Thanksgiving with Christmas just around the corner!  So, now is the time to plan it all out and make my life far less chaotic come late November and into December. [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 28

Today I wanted to share some pictures (taken with my old cell phone camera, so not too great) of inside our church.  I wish I had taken pictures with our regular camera on Christmas Eve so you could have seen how the 3 Magi are moving through the church towards the nativity.  While it looks [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 26

Decking the Halls (aka O’s Living Room) for the Holidays… This year we did not get a tree in the house until Christmas Eve.  Mr. O and P went and ‘harvested’ it from base late in the day on Thursday, so it sat it the heated garage overnight to acclimate.  Next year we hope to [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 25

Merry Christmas to all our readers! May you and your families enjoy this day as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! The O’s up in Alaska

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 24

It’s Christmas Eve and everything is in a flurry of activity. I just got back from my last minute shop WITHOUT the boys. At least there’s one item going under the tree they have no idea is coming. Plus, I had to grab a roast for our Christmas dinner. Fred Meyer was more packed than [Read On]

Holiday Bliss 2010 ~ Day 23

Keeping with the thread I started yesterday, I thought I would share more about holiday movies. I do feel compelled to start off by stating “My name is Laura and I am a holiday movie addict.” Yes, if we had the Hallmark Channel coming into the house, I would be drawn to the TV like [Read On]

iCaughtSanta.com Review & Giveaway!

Just in time for Christmas, I’ve got a neat online product to share about…. iCaughtSanta.com!  For those families that have Santa in their holiday celebrations, there is always the child who wants to catch Santa in the act.  I know that I wanted to see him (and did stay up late one Christmas Eve and [Read On]