Learning the Ropes with the Starter Chess Learning Kit by Chess House

The older boys have loved to pull out a chess board on occasion to play.  R actually earned the Chess Merit Badge and loves to beat his brothers at a game.  I’ve been feeling left out as I never learned how to play.  So, I was tickled to have our family chosen to review the Starter Chess Learning Kit by Chess House for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

Learning to Play Chess or Hone Your Skills with Starter Chess Learning Kit by Chess House  #review

What is Chess House and What Comes in the Starter Chess Learning Kit?

The Chess House has as it’s mission to find and sell all different chess sets and items to help enthusiasts enjoy the game of chess.  The business originated back in the 1970s and has had a short succession of men passionate for the game.


The Starter Chess Learning Kit set includes a full chess set with vinyl mat, Elliott’s Chess School #1 PAWN Level DVD, and storage bag in black or green.  This set retails for $49.95, although it is currently available for $39.95.  There is a second chess school DVD which can be added onto the purchase for $39.95, a workbook for the PAWN level DVD ($9.95), and a chess clock (starting at $26.95.)


More details on the set contents:


  • Elliott’s Chess School DVD 1 – “Pawn Level” introduces basics of chess in easily digestable chunks, keeping it fun and interesting for youngsters as well
  • All purpose chess set that will last for years.
  • Solid plastic chess pieces with 3 3/4″ regulation size king. Easy to obtain replacements.
  • Odor free chessboard made in USA. 20″ x 20″, 2 1/4″ squares.
  • Chess bag keeps all 32 pieces, roll-up chess board, and DVD together and portable. 24x8x3″

Elliott’s Chess School features National Master Elliott Neff who draws from 18 years of coaching chess.  The series was created to allow many to learn the basics and establish a firm foundation to then advance in ability.


Our Thoughts on the Starter Chess Learning Kit from Chess House

The boys and I were surprised to have the storage bag arrive in a green camo instead of a solid color.  Considering how many military loving boys we have, it was a great fit.  Color aside, we love the way it keeps everything organized when the set is not in use.  White and black pieces have individual zippered compartments to contain them, the roll up chess board is kept neatly rolled with 2 elastic straps, and there is even a zippered compartment for the Chess School DVDs.

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I have to admit that as a sometimes (okay ALL the time) busy mom, I had a hard time focusing on the DVD and learning the rules.  It was less about the presentation style of Elliot that it was a function of my mind being easily distracted by demands in the house and work.  D, however, loved watching each segment and then testing things out on his older brothers.


The boys all agreed that they love the ease of use for the set and the size of the pieces.  (One king piece had the the cross broken off when the set arrived, but that hasn’t deterred the boys from using the set.) We own a small travel set made of wood, but it is less manageable for them than this one.  None of us would hesitate to take the Starter Chess Learning Kit on the road or to a friend’s house to enjoy.  Some day we might purchase a gorgeous wooden set they dream about, but for now this fits our needs well.

P1060417 (1024x768)

Definitely head on over to Chess House to check them out.  When you first land, a pop up will appear to receive a guide and coupon codes.  It’s definitely worth it if you’d like a fantastic chess set and training help for your house.


As for me, with a few outside obligations winding down soon I am looking forward to dedicated study time so I can enjoy games of chess with the boys during the long winter season. Maybe I’ll even win a few of them. Winking smile


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