For the Love of Christian Homemaking

A few years ago, I was blessed to ‘meet’ through the Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, Mrs. White.  I have always appreciated her spirit and call to be the best wife and mother she can to God’s Glory.  When she began the Christian Home Magazine blog ezine, I was happy to jump on board and then thrilled to have the honor of now hosting it permanently on Day by Day in our World.  So, it really was a no brainer for me when I received a message asking if I’d consider reviewing her new title, For the Love of Christian Homemaking.


About For the Love of Christian Homemaking

P1040135 (480x640)Since she began her blog, The Legacy of Home, Mrs. White has felt called to share from her simple life in an effort to encourage other mothers to have peaceful, godly homes.  During her ‘break’ times, she will pen posts from the parlour of her 1880’s home in Vermont.  For the Love of Christian Homemaking features many of the blog posts she has written on the theme of Christian Homemaking.  This is NOT a how to book in the sense of here’s how to clean your home.  But, rather, she seeks to show how Christian mothers can embrace their vocation of motherhood and honor God and their families by tending the home fires.

For the Love of Christian Homemaking is available in paperback for $14.99 (retail) from Amazon.



My Thoughts on For the Love of Christian Homemaking

Having read several of Mrs. White’s writings in the past, I already had an expectation of the lovely conversational style she possesses.  I can just envision her in my mind’s eye with a cup of tea on the table as she spends a bit of time typing on the computer to share her thoughts on the vocation of motherhood.

Notice I keep using the term vocation as that IS what God calls many of us mother’s to be.  It is way more than a ‘job’ with basic duties and set pay for work performed.  Instead, it is a calling to be support for a husband and the primary caregiver of the kids while also maintaining the household.  However, so many mothers have left behind the idea of being a stay at home mom so that this particular title might seem a bit foreign to them.  Like Mrs. White, I am fortunate to have a husband who works to financially support the family with the ‘contract’ that I be home with the kids.  For those that are unable to have this particular arrangement, I do believe there are still gems within this title for you to live a call to Christian Homemaking while working outside of the home.


This is not a title that you pick up and devour in a few days.  Rather, I see it as a much more convenient way to savor past writings that are on the blog and find little bits of encouragement when the days might seem to drag forever and the tasks at hand have lost all appeal.  Even though Mrs. White will often talk of enjoying her duties around the house, she also confesses that there are times when she’d rather kick up her heels and avoid the work.  It’s in our nature to want the seemingly easy road at times.  Yet, when the work is done and you can reap the benefits of a clean and tidy home, the spirit can relax and enjoy the company of others.

What makes this book more focused upon Christian homemaking is the periodic reminders in her writings to take times to feed your soul through reading of the Bible, listening to spiritual talks/sermons or music that glorifies the Lord, and having time for quiet prayer time.  I find that the days when I have my quiet time seem to go much better than those days when my feet hit the ground and things are in such a flurry that I can’t go to sleep as I’ve realized the day has gone by with little thought of God or godly living.  I can’t afford to stream much on our more restricted internet access, but I can pick up the occasional audio CD at church to have for ‘multitasking’ while cleaning the kitchen and living room.


Since beginning my review of this title, I have been making more of an effort to ‘set to rights’ the main living spaces we are occupying.  Normally, this seems like a daunting task.  But, I started the idea while traveling in our RV which means only about 300 square feet of space to tend.  It is definitely more pleasant when the small countertop is wiped down as is the table and the beds are all made or put up for the day.  And, starting smaller is encouraging me to tackle our regular living space (which is much larger) with the help of the boys on simple chores.  Then, maybe, we can have both the time and inclination to sit together as a family to share our day’s events or even dreams for the future.    



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A Catholic mom to four boys, Laura has been homeschooling since 2005. Currently, one son is in school while the others are at home. When not 'working', she is enjoying life up in Alaska.


  1. I am trying to implement many of these things and I haven’t read the book! It sounds like a wonderful book and something I am definitely looking into! Thank you for this review.
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  2. Carolyn Barnett

    I agree that we need to take time to feed our soul!

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