The Christian Home Magazine, 103rd edition

Christian Home LogoWelcome to the 103rd edition of The Christian Home Magazine, a weekly Blog Magazine posted every Monday.  Articles are submitted by various Christian Blog authors. I hope you enjoy the articles submitted for this week’s issue. Don’t forget to leave a comment here about your favorite article and give the author some comment love on their blog!   

Gardening & Flowers

Featured ColumnistLinda from Linda’s Lunacy shares her latest installment ofSaturday on the Farm. I chuckled seeing her photos of snow covering the daffodils as I remember those kinds of days from when we lived in New York state.  Still less snow than us, though. 

Health and Fitness Check-in

38419lfuw8pyrnhFeatured ColumnistAnnie Kate presents Fit Mommy One of Those Weeks  posted at Tea Time with Annie KateThe gem in this post for me (which my head knows!) is: “Homeschooling, kids, house…all will suffer if I’m not healthy, so I must work on being healthy.”


Featured ColumnistHeather from Marine Corps Nomads present Roasted Fennel. I have to admit I’ve never considered using fennel on it’s own, but this looks fantastic.

Modest fashion

Featured Columnist Caroline from The Modest Mom blog is back with Modest Monday & a Link-up!  I love think purple is another great color for her.

Movies and Music

Featured Columnist Laura O from Day Day in Our World shares about a new to DVD Looney Tune product, Duck Dodgers: Dark Side of the Duck.

Gentle Humor

Featured Columnist Alana from Lightly Salted presents R-Rated Scripture.I found the timing a bit ironic as I’d just commented to another friend about finding a section that listed out who a man was to NOT have sex with according to God.  If the Bible was ever made into a movie, it very likely could get a R rating.  Maybe that’s why there are children’s Bibles that use stories which are edited for little ears.

The Godly Home

Featured ColumnistMrs. Sarah Coller from Hope in Every Season is back with Teach Us to Number Our Days.  I had a little ‘conviction’ reading her post as there are so many ways I spend time that really ends up being more of a waste.

Design and Decorate

Featured Columnist Deanna from Home Haven Ministry will be back soon.

I am looking for a featured columnists and/or submissions for the Finance, Home Business, Homekeeping, Parenting and Young Adult Columns.  The young adult columnist needs to be an established teen or young adult blogger.

Thank you so much for reading! To submit your work for consideration, or to find out more about The Christian Home magazine, just visit the about page.
As the carnival site is acting wacky,
submissions can be email directly to me at daybydayinourworld at gmail dot com or via the contact form on this blog. 
While we have featured columnists for many of the columns, any Christian author can submit for inclusion in the magazine in all of the different columns.
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A Catholic mom to four boys, Laura has been homeschooling since 2005. Currently, one son is in school while the others are at home. When not 'working', she is enjoying life up in Alaska.

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