Breathless from The King Series by Tawdra Kandle

Not that long ago, I shared my thoughts of the book Fearless by Tawdra Kandle.  It was an engaging story from the paranormal genre for young adults.  Today I am sharing about Breathless, the second title in The King Series by Tawdra Kandle.


Storyline for Breathless by Tawdra Kandle

Breathless The King Series Book Two  Tawdra T Kandle


Tasmyn Vaughn is not having the senior year she expected. Her boyfriend Michael leaves for college, she’s being stalked by a suspicious preacher, pursued by the hot new boy at school and blackmailed by her chemistry teacher–who just might be a witch. Tas needs all of her many talents–and a little help from unexpected sources–just to keep her head above water. . .literally.

Breathless is available in paperback format for $14.99 or in Kindle format for $3.99 through Amazon.



My Thoughts on Breathless by Tawdra Kandle

My initial thought as reading this title was that it felt a bit like a transition piece.  And, in some ways, a novel within a longer series does do just that.  Fearless introduced the setting (King, Florida) as well as the main players.  Now, Fearless further develops the story of Tasmyn and a bit of the underlying story to the unique town of King. 

While I did not have a boyfriend in high school to whom I was so attached as Tasmyn is to Michael, I could relate to how depressing it can be to have a prolonged separation from a loved one.  Tawdra did an excellent job portraying the longing they both have for each other as they must settle for phone conversations at night and the occasional weekend together.  And, she keeps it clean as the characters long for the physical connection, but have opted to wait it out.

Other characters, e.g. Marcia, the chemistry teacher, and Rafe, the new boy in town, are brought to life in the pages.  The truth behind what happened between Marcia and the now hospitalized comes out as time marches forward in King, Florida.  It all ties to Tasmyn and her talents, too.

The only disappointment I had for this title was to not have more resolution with why the local pastor, Rev. Price, was so focused on Tasmyn being evil or on the verge of becoming evil.  Instead, it was a somewhat quick exit after the new guy worked his ‘magic’ on Rev. Price and his daughter, Cara.

I am now looking forward to reading the next title, Restless, this week followed by the concluding book of the series, Endless, after that.



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