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Each of the boys have a subject that elicits dread from them at the mere utterance of it’s name.  For a while, R would be almost in tears over spelling.  Thankfully, we found a program that worked better for him and meltdowns are rather rare for that particular subject.  But, writing seems to have been a stumbling block for him on a fairly regular basis.


When I read about the soon to launch program, Write with WORLD, I was eager to see if this different approach would appeal to him and eliminate the meltdowns.




At first, the newness seemed to bring a much nicer disposition from him when I would say it was time for writing.  But, I can’t say that it is completely holding after a few weeks of using the materials.  DSC07601


Why?  He has entered that time of emerging attitudes that seem to plague ‘tweens’ and ‘teens’ with a desire to do things as quickly as possible.


WORLD writing is NOT meant to be done haphazardly by the student and does require some real thought about what you are doing.  While I do not view other writing programs as being so mind numbing that no thought is required, it does appear that some of the repetitive nature of those programs has him thinking it’s all about regurgitation of words for writing assignments with a few dress ups here and there to make it his own.  And, you just can’t do that with this program.


As a home educator, I LOVE programs that are presenting material in a way that is catching and also seek to prepare the student for the world that awaits them as an adult.  Writing is an essential skill for so many different career options, that learning how to be an effective writer is crucial for later success.  WORLD Writing recognizes this as well as how the types of communication have evolved from years ago.  The written word is still powerful, but as the early lessons in this program emphasize the visual continues to grow in importance.


Page from the Student Book




Same page from the Teacher Book

(see the notes on the side)



Things I have really appreciated from the program, even if my student is still a bit reluctant.


Students build vocabulary with 5 new words to both define and find synonyms for in each lesson. (think a week as there are 5 capsules per lesson.)


The Professor’s Desk aspect helps to tie in more real life examples that the kids (and adults!) can cling onto while developing their writing skills.


Tips that are presented for the student can be adopted by the parent to improve their own skills.


Models of good and poor writing are used to introduce concepts (e.g. a paragraph in Lesson 3 describing an experiment.)


The students are highly encouraged to consider their worldview in their writing.


The educator is given support in how to approach things so the student can learn effectively.  For instance, the first few lessons are meant to build a foundation with the fear of failure removed by NOT giving out actual grades.


Write with WORLD will be launched to the public this summer with the cost for the first year (the materials we were sent in beta version) at $95 for the year which includes student and educator books as well as one year access to a user web site.  There will be a second year program available as well for the same price or a combined $165 for both years. This program is intended for middle school grades (6 – 9.)
Sample of the First Unit
Table of Contents
Introduction to Write with WORLD (get their philosophy behind the program!)
   Disclaimer ~ Our family was provided with a beta version of this program for the purpose of writing a review post.  No monetary compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are our own.  You can read what the other TOS Homeschool Crewmates had to say about this title on the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

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A Catholic mom to four boys, Laura has been homeschooling since 2005. Currently, one son is in school while the others are at home. When not 'working', she is enjoying life up in Alaska.


  1. Marthalynn says:

    I’m sorry to hear your boys dislike writing so much, but good for you for trying new ways to get them to embrace it! I might sound old-fashioned here, but I think so many kids today have terrible writing skills. Maybe it’s the texting and tweeting that’s causing this? Either way, I’m definitely looking into this program for my stepdaughter!

    • I definitely would say my boys are far from great writers. Of course, it might help if they wanted to stay put long enough to really consider their words.

      I do adore this program, but must admit I might have found something that is better for my reluctant writer to do *first*. But, I plan on pulling Write with WORLD back out once he feels a bit more confident in his abilities.

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