Great Commission Language’s ¡El Español Fácil!

Earlier this year while we were working on Latin, I got the request from R to learn Spanish.  Just him.  NOT his brothers.  Or, at least he wanted his own program to use and not have to share it with siblings.




Great Commission Languages obliged his request when we were tapped to review their ¡El Español Fácil!, Level I for the TOS Crew.

Great Commission Languages - Spanish Level 1 Includes 2 enhanced audio CD’s. Put them in your stereo CD player to follow along as Marita travels from Tulsa OK to visit her cousin Belicia in Ensenada, Mexico. It gets even more fun (and educational) when cousins Erika and Miguel also arrive from Venezuela. Hear the Spanish scripture memory verses and practice the Spanish phonograms. Put the CD’s in your computer, and you can print out free activity sheets your children can do again and again!
Note that this is a 3 year program for younger students, or 1 to 2 year curriculum for older students! It has over 400 pages, and includes beautiful, professional illustrations. The audio CD’s (featuring the voices of native Spanish speakers) have been digitally mastered, bringing you nothing but audio excellence! Retail is $139.95.


My Thoughts ~


I love how complete this program truly is and that they use native speakers for the audio component.  The story that runs through the book includes both Spanish and English so the student can start to surmise the meaning of different Spanish words and phrases by picking up clues in the English.


Taking a cue from Charlotte Mason, the program includes learning tools like narration. It’s amazing how much more the boys retain when they’ve retold what was learned to you. (They do say being able to teach something shows mastery!)


There are multiple activities the student can do based on ability and interest. The greater their desire to learn, the more they’ll most likely want to do.  My boys tend to be more minimalist and R isn’t asking to do more than I give him.  I love having printable pages on the CD as it is far easier for me to get things ready for R without an additional step of scanning a page.  And, I am looking forward to integrating more cultural aspects of learning Spanish.  (I know the boys would jump on board if it includes cooking!)


The different ways to approach learning based on age and ability is much appreciated by this homeschool mama.  If P wants to start learning Spanish, he’d work at the most accelerated rate of one year through the program with additional work such as keeping a journal IN Spanish.  Yet, if I want to use this material with D (my 3rd grader), I can work at a much more leisurely pace of 2 to 3 years.  R is currently on the one year schedule without additional work like the journal and he isn’t finding it too difficult.  However, the first few weeks has overlap with vocabulary we’ve learned elsewhere.  I suspect he’ll be slowing down soon and end up at the pace for completing in 2 years. 

Spanish Curriculum  Easy  Christian   El Espanol Facil

For those who like to ‘try before you buy’, Great Commission Languages has samples from Level 1 available on their website.  You’ll find a pdf file of Lesson 2 along with the accompanying audio files there.



Disclaimer ~ Our family was provided with a copy of Great Commission Language’s’ ¡El Español Fácil!, Level I for the purpose of completing this review.  No monetary compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are our own.  You can read what the other TOS Homeschool Crewmates had to say about this title on the TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

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