Frosty’s Winter Wonderland on DVD

December has finally arrived and our house is embracing the tradition of watching holiday shows.  One that we just watched the other day (for the first time in a long time) is Frosty’s Winter Wonderland.


Frosty's Winter Wonderland 2D Box ArtThis classic Rankin/Bass animated show is remastered and it shows even on DVD. 


Synopsis: Frosty returns with the first snow fall.  Jack Frost gets jealous and seeks to take Frosty away from the kids who love him.  The kids notice that Frosty is getting lonely and make a bride for him, Crystal.  The question is whether they’ll live happily ever after or will Jack Frost have his way?


My Thoughts ~Frosty is definitely a classic in my book.  I’ve adored the original show for years and this one comes in a close second.  This is a sequel that does not fall flat on its face.  I suspect the boys and I will be pulling it off the shelf again before the Christmas season is over.


Frosty’s Winter Wonderland retails for $18.95 and is available through major retailers or at the WB online store.




Disclaimer ~ I was provided with a copy of Frosty’s Winter Wonderland to facilitate this review.  No monetary compensation occurred and all opinions are my own.

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