7 Quick Takes Friday, October 28th

7_quick_takes_sm1Friday is about to begin here in Alaska and once again time has flown.  


-1- The inevitable happened Wednesday morning.  We got snow at our house.  Anchorage proper didn’t see any and Mr. O was puzzled when he called for his morning check-in and I shared that P was out clearing the driveway.  It had been raining when he left and switched to that super wet snow a short while later. 


R and D helped with getting wood moved from piles in the back to under the front deck, too.  It was supposed to be ‘school time’, but I was glad to see the boys willingly doing these chores without any prodding from me. 


For you information, the pictures were taken just after 9 a.m.  So, yes, it is staying dark later and later in the morning.


-2- There are times when I wish all the boys were old enough to stay home without a parent or teenager.  We missed our weekly co-op when D dug his heels in and refused to budge when it was time to leave.  After we got to the point of being reasonably late, we ended up staying home.  In some ways, I think that’s what we needed to do.  But, the drama wasn’t pleasant.


-3- Tying in with #2, if we had been at co-op I would have missed the UPS guy.  I had a surprise package of books that helped to boost my mood a little.  For the curious, the package contained:



I am looking forward to reading all of them, especially A People of Hope as I continue to be impressed by Archbishop Dolan.


-4-  Also tied in with #2 and a certain child’s refusal to budge, we had a parent’s night out for our charter school the same day as co-op.   Attendance was great and I am looking forward to more of these come January.


I heard the speaker talk on this topic (mentoring genius) before, but still had some epiphany moments happening when conversing with him during clean up.  I won’t go into specifics right now, but I WILL say that this mama is going to be trying a different approach and looking far more into identity, including the meaning of names and personality.  To think my ‘stinking thinking’ from having to miss co-op almost had me staying home from this. 


-5-  Connecting to the previous is my recent trend of having a lot of ‘coming soon’ posts.  For those that watched my short video review of the DotMine planners, you might recall a sheet full of posts to write.  Well, that list was made almost a month ago and very few checks have appeared to indicate the posts having been written.  How does this connect to #4?  I have stuff to share from the retreat in September where the Mentoring Genius talk was originally presented!  If I keep this up, I might be nominated for the Not Coming Soon category for the Homeschooling Misfits Awards instead of Blabber Blogger or Too Busy Blogging.  If you feel up for voting, you just need to fill in the blog name for one (or both) of those categories on the form located at Not So Supermom.  Voting ends on Thursday, November 3rd.


-6-     J is now 2! It’s hard to believe how quickly the time has flown. We’ll be at a Halloween party at church tonight, so the family dinner with cake will wait until Saturday. J’s excited to have a ‘happy birthday’ which he now equates with bagoo cake (ice cream with cake.)  Amazing how much he’s grown since turning a year old, well a year ago.



-7- Finally, I wanted to share about a neat program for young children to receive a book for their birthday. 

Ella at Memorable Children Books & Gifts started the Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway to help promote early literacy.

He was sent a book titled Dinosaur Babies, which he has been enjoying alongside other books in the house. 



There you have it… 7 rambling things to share.  Clicking on the meme button at the top of this post will bring you to Conversion Diary where you’ll find us all linked up to share.  Reading the thoughts of other bloggers through this meme is a great way to relax into the weekend.  And, by all means, feel free to comment on my post here.



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A Catholic mom to four boys, Laura has been homeschooling since 2005. Currently, one son is in school while the others are at home. When not 'working', she is enjoying life up in Alaska.


  1. Ooh, I have heard amazing things about that Wiegel book. I have it at home but haven’t read it yet. Also, would love to read the Dolan book if you don’t mind, once you’re done with it.

    See you soon I hope!

  2. I can’t believe you got snow. We are still in short or at the very least jeans with short sleeves. Makes me chilly thinking about it!

  3. Hi Laura…thank you for stopping by at Cutecoconut and leave your valuable comment. I like your blog and now I am your new follower on GFC :) I see you are doing this weekly thing about you and your family every Friday..I am doing the similar thing too..but on Saturday..call it: Saturday Mind. Maybe you want to check on one or two..nice to ‘meeting’ you!

  4. Great blog!!! Alaska – thats awesome!! I am glad we have no snow as yet here in MN!!!
    Left you an alexa review, stopping over from the MBS alexa blog hop!!!
    Hoping you can stop by my site as well


    • Thanks for the review Debbie. Off to check your blog out.

      As for snow, the kids and many adults who enjoy winter sports are itching for a big snowfall to cover the land. I’m super happy that we’ve almost reached November without it happening.

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