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Heart of the Matter is doing a Not Back to School blog hop this month.  I missed doing a curriculum post for last week’s hop.  But, after seeing a few TOS Homeschool Crewmates doing schoolroom posts yesterday, I decided to take the plunge.


You would think that after a few months (okay, FIVE months) of being in the house I would have it all ‘together.’ 


Well, that just hasn’t happened. 


So, in all it’s messy glory, here are some pictures of our school room.  It’s a HUGE room, so it also serves as playroom.  And it is  storing boxes of stuff we don’t know what to do with at the moment.  I’m also envisioning rows of sleeping boys in the future for sleepovers.


P tries to hide from the camera by the desktop computer. School supplies reside in part by there.  In the forefront is a table where we can work together.


If you turned to your right from the above photo, you’d see these 2 shelving units along the opposite wall.  We have baseboard heat, so there’s just enough room on either side of the heater to fit these shelving units.  One came with us from Maryland.  The other was purchased at a moving sale here in May.


The photos below are lined up to hopefully show how one long wall is set up.  For the moment, the whiteboard we use with All About Spelling is sitting IN the windowsill.  What you don’t see is another window to the left of the TV and a stretch of wall plus a third window to the right of the one with the whiteboard.


This desk was given to us by a neighbor leaving Alaska.  D has work on top at the moment, but it’s noted as a workstation for boys doing independent work. (The legs in the background are to an old, somewhat damaged pool table that came with the house.  I’m thinking it’ll be great for laying out big projects.


In the nearby guest room, we have a desk set up for another independent work station.  P has been the primary user of this station as he always wants quiet.  Mom’s one requirement is that nothing is allowed to stay in here when you are not actively working with it.



In the future (when we can afford it), I hope to put in a short wall of cabinets with a sink.  It already has access for plumbing to be set up.  And, I figure it will make a great station for messy projects I might not want to do in the kitchen.  But, that is a long way in the future…..


Until then, I’m hoping to get more things unpacked or just plain gone from the house.  I sure miss the calmer set up we had going in Maryland (where we had a basement for storage rather than a finished basement with little built in storage.)  Of course, I also had help from my sister getting that established while the boys were out of the house.

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A Catholic mom to four boys, Laura has been homeschooling since 2005. Currently, one son is in school while the others are at home. When not 'working', she is enjoying life up in Alaska.


  1. So fun to see your area! I love your shelves (I heart shelving!). Having the All About Spelling board in the window is a great idea. I hate having ours take up wall space. We had a short bookshelf under it at one point but tiles would fall behind it every time we tried spelling words and it was so frustrating to have to move the shelf in the middle of a lesson. LOL.

  2. Your room is very comfy and cozy the best thing to me is that yor in Alaska.I am very jealous,we have this BIG family dream to move there from Indiana.We just need to make sure that we are financially capable of the move first and I need to find out the HS laws as well and the biggest is a job for my DH.Blessings~Feel free to stop by and visit our blog,I am a new follower to your blog.

  3. I want a sink in our schoolroom too! It would make crafts and science so much easier. lol!!! Thank you for sharing. ~Lynn

  4. Getting things organized (or at least thinking about it) is invigorating, right?!Just checking in from BlogTrotting to confirm whether you are "on" for tomorrow's post? Thanks.

  5. It is fun to see your room! I also like your new header–so pretty. I visited Alaska once for a cruise with my in-laws and I was amazed by how beautiful it is. Anyway, back to this post:) I think you are doing great with all your boys–one a little guy, AND moving! It looks like it will be a nice space–really usable and comfortable. I still whine a bit that all our family are far away. But, my sister laughs and says I "get out of" doing stuff and I'm lucky. Haha.

  6. Five months…that's nothing – try three years. Yes, I moved three years ago and still have not completely unpacked. It's a long story.Stick with it and enjoy the journey.Pax Christi – Lena

  7. wow, thats a nice sized space! Love the shelves. Thanks for sharing =)

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