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Happy Kids Songs for Social and Emotional Learning

This post on social and emotional learning is made possible from our review of Happy Kids Songs. Our family was sent the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social & Emotional Skills (paperback, $12.56) as well as digital downloads of Friends & Sharing (Set 1) , Happiness & Attitude (Set 5), and [Read On]

Blendfresh soup recipe

How to get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies

Today I am happy to have Samantha from Your Golden Ticket Blog sharing about something near and dear to her heart.  I know that I am quite lucky to have boys who eat a variety of food, but there’s always room for improvement.   Do you struggle to get your kids to eat their full [Read On]

Finished Art Display Area

Neatly Display Childrens Art Work (Pinterest Inspired)

Do you ever wish there was a neater way to display all the artwork the kids create?  I know that we have suffered from this dilemna and I am excited to present one idea for how you can neatly display childrens art work which was inspired by a post on Pinterest.   I saw this on [Read On]


The Boxcar Children Collector’s Edition on DVD

  Years ago, the older boys and I enjoyed listening to some of the first Boxcar Children books while driving around town in the van.  These stories are great for kids and there wasn’t anything questionable in the story line to concern me. Now there is an animated version which brings this beloved classic to [Read On]


Life Skills and Homeschooling Go Hand in Hand

The week is coming to a close.  I hope that you found the previous posts here and from other homeschooling bloggers helpful as you gear up for the new homeschool year.    What I want to touch on today is how life skills and homeschooling go hand in hand.       Depending upon your [Read On]


Homeschooling High School ~ Creating Accountability

In the past, I have shared about how I prefer to track assignments and grades for the boys.  If you want to see Homeschool Tracker Plus in action, then definitely read the following posts:   Lesson Planning Scheduling and Tracking Schoolwork   In this post, though, I want to talk about creating accountability in your [Read On]


Feeding the Family Without Losing Your Mind

Some people who are not fully acquainted with the world of homeschooling have this misguided idea that a homeschooling mom and the kids have tons of free time to clean the house and cook nutritious meals for the family.  While there might be a few homeschool families that fit this mold,  I know that mine [Read On]


Planning the Homeschool Year (2014–2015)

August is here and for many of us that means the beginning of a new school year. Our local schools start back on August 20th and I plan to do the same, even if it is a soft start for my boys.   The reason for a soft start this year is that I have [Read On]


The Perfect Summer on DVD

I enjoy viewing movies that show struggles and how a particular character overcomes them.  When that character is in their teens or young adulthood, it can easily be labeled as ‘coming of age.’  One that our family has recently watched is The Perfect Summer which we were sent to review.   About The Perfect Summer [Read On]


Back to Homeschool Giveaway from the Schoolhouse Review Crew

Back to Homeschool Giveaway Can you believe that school is starting back already?  Our local schools begin on August 20th and the boys will start the new homeschool year on the 21st.  But, I have friends in other parts of the United States who already have the kids back in school. This coming week is [Read On]


Finding Pretty Dresses with cable & gauge

    Whether it is to go to church or out for the night, I love the appeal of a good dress. There is something wonderful about just pulling it over your head, donning a few accessories and then heading out the door.  However, I don’t always have an easy time finding pretty dresses that [Read On]


Comfort Meets Style with Covered Perfectly

This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.     Most of the time, I find myself wearing one of the typical homeschooling mother outfits…a knit shirt or sweatshirt with jeans.  This might be a great ‘uniform’ for hanging around the house with the [Read On]


Spending Time at Bird Point Park

Along the Turnagain Arm, the way anyone traveling by road or train must go between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula, there is an area known as Bird Point.  There’s a lovely State Park area which provides wonderful views and a great spot for a break in the drive.  There are times when we’ve traveled in [Read On]


Easy Beef Fajitas for a Quick Dinner

We love to eat peppers in our house. Whether it is adding green peppers for a little bite to a dish, the colored mini peppers sliced for a salad, or the small, hot peppers to add a little spice, you’ll find them in our family’s diet practically every day.  They even taste great raw for [Read On]


Get Your Groove on with Veggie Tales Celery Night Fever

Our family has love Veggie Tales for years.  Even the older boys look forward to checking out what’s new from them.  So, we were excited to have the chance to review the newest in the line up, Celery Night Fever. About Celery Night Fever Veggie pals Laura Carrot and Junior Asparagus have a big job [Read On]


August Audio Fest at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.   I will admit that our family has acquired our fair share of technology.  We’ve got laptops and tablets a plenty.  We’ve got smartphones and iPods galore.  Yet, we are [Read On]


When Calls the Heart: The Dance

I recently had the chance to review When Calls the Heart: The Dance.  This is the fourth release from the When Calls the Heart series on the Hallmark Channel inspired by the Janette Oke series and directed by Michael Landon, Jr. This particular disc covers episodes 5 (The Dance) and 6 (Miner’s games). About When [Read On]


Win Noah Blu-Ray/DVD Combo

Noah, starring Russell Crowe, hit stores this Tuesday. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, then you might be fortunate to win one here. When Noah hit theaters in the spring, it generated a little controversy.  But it also had people talking important topics like justice and mercy and forgiveness. Our family just watched [Read On]


British Medieval Studies Using Lightning Literature and Composition from Hewitt Homeschooling

When you reach the end of high school, the study of British literature is one of the more popular options for an English credit.  With my eldest son beginning his senior year we were planning for this course and having the chance to review the Lightning Literature and Composition: British Medieval Student’s Guide ($29.95) and [Read On]


Visiting Alaska’s Interior at the Tolsona Wilderness Campground

This summer has been one with lots of cancelled plans when it comes to a family trip.  However, we did have a quick, overnight get away for the 4th of July weekend.  While we could have just found a gravel pit and dry camped for free, we elected to spend at night at the Tolsona [Read On]